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Vodacom Prepaid Tariffs Regime – Select the One That Suits You!

 Vodacom Prepaid Tariff Plans

 Vodacom South Africa brings amazing prepaid deals for its customers to stay connected with your loved ones. Whether you are looking per second billing deals or free call plans, Vodacom has got all.

Vodacom Prepaid 79c 

Vodacom is the default plan for new and existing prepaid customers. With this plan, you can make calls any time at a flat call rate of 79c per minute. So, you’re billed per second. This means you only pay for the seconds you consume.

If you recharge for R10 or more, you’ll earn Talking points from the company. You can redeem Talking points for airtime bundles, SMS, MMS, and Data bundles, call discounts, and cellphones.

79c Tariff Package Rates
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to Vodacom) R0.79 per minute (billed per second)
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to other mobile networks) R0.79 per minute (billed per second)
Local SMS 50c per message
Local SMS to Telkom Landlines R0.90 per SMS
International SMS R1.74 per message
Local MMS (300 KB or less) R0.80 per MMS

 Prepaid 79c plan doesn’t qualify for International calls, roaming calls, VAS calls, and premium-rated calls. Moreover, you need to purchase Vodacom data bundles separately to surf the internet.

If you switch to Prepaid 79c from other voice bundles such as Power Hour, Power bundles, My5, Chat for 30, Everyday Extra, or Night Shift, all these bundles will be fortified.

Daily Free Calls 

If you love talking more, the Daily Free Calls bundle is for you. You only need to pay for the first 3 minutes, and you get the rest of your call for free for an hour. This means you get guaranteed 57 free minutes on every call from Vodacom to Vodacom.

If you continue calling for the second hour, the billing will loop, i.e, you’ll be charged for the initial 3 minutes and the rest of the 57 minutes call from the second hour goes for free. The network itself terminates all calls after 120 minutes known as a 2-hour rule. 

Daily Free Calls Tariff Package Rates
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to Vodacom) R1.25 per minute
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to other mobile networks) R1.25 per minute
Local SMS (Peak time) 82c per message
Local SMS (Off-Peak time) 37c per message
International SMS R1.72 per message
Data Rate (Out of Bundle) 49c per MB

 Daily Free Calls plan is subjected to per-minute billing. This plan is not applicable for international calls, premium-rated calls, data calls, 3G video calls, and calls made while roaming on an international network.

If you switch to Daily Free Calls Package from any other prepaid plan, you won’t lose any unused airtime, talking points, and SMS/MMS/Data bundles. Moreover, if you recharge for R12 or more, you’ll also receive the Night Shift promotional benefit. Under this offer, you’ll get 60 minutes for free to call anytime between 12 am and 5 am for one week.

Vodacom 4 Less 

If you’re looking for great call discounts, then go for Vodacom 4 Less offer. Depending on your location and time of the day, you can make voice calls and 3G video calls on the Vodacom network and other networks. The calls you make are billed per second. However, discounts exclude data services including SMS, MMS, and USSD.

Once you subscribe to 4 Less plan, you will not lose your unused airtime, SMS bundle, and talking points of your existing plan. Instead, you’ll continue earning Talking points for each recharge. To view the discount available for a particular location, dial *135*444# from your phone. 

Vodacom 4 Less Tariff Package Rates
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to Vodacom) R2.64 per minute
Local Voice Call (Vodacom to other mobile networks) R2.64 per minute
Local SMS (Peak time) 82c per message
Local SMS (Off-Peak time) 37c per message
International SMS R1.74 per message

My5 Prepaid plan

If you want to make calls to your 5 best friends at a time or connect with them online, then this plan is for you. This plan bolts on to your existing prepaid plan (excluding 79c prepaid plan) so that you can share more moments with your best 5. With this package, you can make calls for an hour for as little as R6.30. And if you want to make calls and use the internet as well, then you need to charge as little as R8.10.

You can use My5 bundles to makes calls only Vodacom numbers. If you make calls on other mobile networks or international calls, you’ll be charged according to your existing prepaid plan. You can also make conference calls using this plan. It’s billed per minute.

My5 Bundles Rates
60 min call bundle R6.30
60 min call+ 10 MB data R8.10

Once you consume 60 minutes of the My5 bundle, you’ll be charged at your existing price plan till you buy another My5 plan. You can purchase multiple My5 bundles in a day, however, all remaining balances which you won’t consume will expire by midnight at 23:59:59.

Once you’ve consumed the 10MB or 30MB bundle of My5 plan, you’ll be reverted to either existing data bundle or default data rate of 49c per MB.

Vodacom Power Hour Bundles

Vodacom also comes up with Power Hour bundles to make calls from Vodacom to Vodacom. If you want to make calls on a  daily or weekly basis, then Power Hour bundles are for you.

There are 3 power hour bundles offered by Vodacom:

  1. Power Hour + WhatsApp

If you want to connect with your loved ones both on call and WhatsApp, then this plan offers you 60 minutes talk time along with 1 GB data for as low as R11/day. You can make multiple purchases a day. However, it’s valid for one day. To subscribe to Power Hour + WhatsApp bundle, dial *135*9# from your phone. Any unused talk time or data will expire by midnight.

  1. Power Hour Daily

This plan offers you an affordable talk time of 60 minutes for R8/day. You can dial *135# from your phone and subscribe to this plan. You can make calls to Vodacom numbers anytime till midnight.

If you want airtime for 7 consecutive days, then subscribe to this plan for R50/week. This plan offers you 60 minutes airtime on a daily basis for a week. 

How to check your Vodacom prepaid balance?

To check your balance, you can dial USSD code *135*5# and select Balances. You can also check your balance by logging in to My Vodacom App or the company’s website.

How to change your Vodacom price plan for Free?

You can change your price plan once a day. For this purpose, you can either log in on the Vodacom official website and change your plan free of cost. Or you can change it via My Vodacom App.

You can also dial USSD code *135# and follow the instructions to change your plan. Or you can just dial 1181 and follow the prompts regarding the prepaid plans.






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