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Introducing the complete list of Vodacom USSD codes. 19 essential codes you need to see right now

Do you know, Vodacom has its old customer care numbers replaced by new numbers?

They are doing this to comply with the  ICASA regulations. ICASA stands for The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. ICASA requested all cellular networks to standardize their codes.


For this reason, you will find many changes in Vodacom USSD codes. In this blog, you’ll find a handy list of Vodacom USSD codes.


It contains all the new Vodacom USSD codes. Thus, you can now find your necessary codes in one place.


What is a USSD code

The full form of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. GSM cellphones use this protocol to communicate with their respective service provider’s computers by text messages.


This menu-based technology helps customers to get certain services, like checking balance or buying mobile data.


And the best part is that you do not need an Internet Connection to use USSD codes.


How does USSD work


USSD codes are simple numerical codes with a *sign at the beginning and a # sign at the end. Once you are done with typing, a specific USSD code and pressing the send button, a menu pops up on your mobile screen.


By typing a USSD code, you can communicate with an application browsing menu through mobile channels. It shows various options that meet your requirement, like buying urgent airtime.

In the next sections, you will find all Vodacom number codes you need to use this network. Keep reading until the end, so you do not miss any of the codes.


List of Vodacom USSD codes


For your ease, we have divided the codes into a few categories. You can browse through this Vodacom USSD codes list and find your requirement easily.


1.  General Vodacom USSD codes


Vodacom USSD code for the Master Menu



Service USSD code Charge
Master Menu *135# Free



Vodacom USSD code for own number


After buying a new SIM card, it is quite a common fact that you may forget your number. There are two ways to retrieve your number. You can use a direct USSD code to view your number on your mobile screen.


Or, you can use the Vodacom Please Call me code. It sends a message to the receiver with a message to call you back along with your number. You can know the number from your friends or family then.


Vodacom allows you to send 10 free; please call me messages per day.



Service USSD code Charge
Find your Vodacom Number  *135*501# Free
Please Call Me *140*(recipient’s cellphone number)# Free (10 free messages every day)
Customize Call Me message *140# Free


Vodacom USSD code to find IMEI number


IMEI is a unique mobile identification number on a mobile network. This 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is useful when someone steals your phone. Based on the IMEI number, your carrier can backlist a device. As a result, the thief cannot send or receive calls or messages from your stolen phone, even with a new SIM card.



Service USSD code Charge
View the device IMEI number *#06# Not Accessible



Vodacom USSD code to view MSISDN number


MSISDN number identifies your mobile phone internationally. Its full form is Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number, and the number comprises two parts. One is a country code, and the other is the National Destination Code that identifies your mobile operator.



Service USSD code Charge
View the MSISDN number *111*501# Not Accessible



Vodacom USSD code for Account Enquiry and Paypoint



Service USSD code Charge
Account Enquiry 137 Not Accessible
Vodacom Paypoint *120*1234# Free


2.  Balance Enquiry Codes


Service USSD code Charge
Prepaid balance inquiry *136# Free
Balance Recharge *136*01*Recharge PIN# Free
All Balance Information *135*502# Free



3.  Airtime Balance and Airtime Recharge codes



Service USSD code Charge
Check Airtime Balance *136# Free
Load Airtime to Account *136*01*voucher PIN# Free
Request Airtime from Another User *140*02*mobile number# Not Accessible
Send Airtime to Another User  *135*072# Free
Request Airtime from Another User by replacing MSISDN number with mobile number *140*02*MSISDN# Not Accessible
Airtime Advance *135*082# Free




4.  Vodacom Data Bundles USSD codes



Service USSD code Charge
Buy Data Bundles *135*1002# Free
Check Data balance  *135# Free


5.   Vodacom USSD code for Voice Mail



Service USSD code Charge
Activate Voicemail 133 Free
Leave a Voicemail 132 Free
Listen to a Voicemail 134 Free

6.   Vodacom USSD codes for MMS bundles



Service USSD code Charge
Get MMS bundles *135# Free
Check balance quickly *135*502# Free



7.   Vodacom USSD code to change Tariff plans


Vodacom has three Prepaid Tariff plans. These are Prepaid per second, Prepaid Anytime, and Prepaid Bua. There is an option named Free-Change in Vodacom.


It allows prepaid users to change tariff plans five times per month. The first two changes are free of cost, and the rest three charges a cost of M5 per change.



Service USSD code Charge
Free-Change *135# or dial 1181 Free for two changes for a month, cost M5 per change for rest three changes within that 30 days


8.   Power Hour Bundles Codes


Power Hour services are available to Top Up and Prepaid Customers.



Service USSD code Charge
Regular Power Hour *135# Not Accessible
Power Hour with What’s app *135*9# Not Accessible
Check your Balance *135#789# Not Accessible



Go through the list of Vodacom USSD codes and use the one you need. Leave a comment below for any of your queries.

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